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Perfect baking results

Baking for family and friends; or to beat the blues; or just for something to do. This section has just about everything you need to know about baking with flour. Conversion charts, step-by-step guides and lots of hints and tips. Let’s get baking!

What went wrong?

There’s probably a scientific reason behind your bake fail. So please don’t despair, do a bit of research and find out if you overproved your bread, underbaked your cake or whether you need a different type of flour >>investigate

cut sponge cake with dripping jam

Secrets of success

The stars of The Great British Bake Off have a wealth of top tips and trade secrets. Here we have a selection of them to share with you >>show me top tips

Vegan baking

Baking for vegan friends and family is such a great way to show you care. But it can feel daunting. Read up on some hints, tips and clever swaps >>more on vegan baking

Paul Hollywood helps you understand … what went wrong

Make soggy bottoms a thing of the past and find out how to make your pastry tarts crisp and tasty every time.