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Types of flour

Today the range of flours available is wider than ever before, here are the main types.
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Types of bread

There are numerous types of breads, here are some of the most common types worldwide.
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Until the advent of softer foods such as bread and rice our ancient ancestors were unable to pronounce certain letter, most notably F and […]

Pancake Day

Eating pancakes for every meal of the day is right up there with drinking at breakfast for a full-on hedonistic experience (of the culinary […]

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Two bean and pea bruschetta

Ooh gosh, nothing says “Summer’s on its way” like a vibrant green plate of food. So get this on your meal plan. Blend together […]

Pancake Day

Let Paul Hollywood guide you through his pancake masterclass so you can sidestep all batter-related mishaps this pancake day

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