About the Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB)

Since 1956 FAB has been providing information on all matters relating to flour and bread in the UK to the public, media, schools, health professionals, the catering, retailing and baking trade. Focus is placed on promoting the variety, versatility, vitality and nutritional value of bread. FAB Flour is a great resource for everyone who loves baking. Promoting the role of flour & bread as part of a balanced diet through educational material.

Flour and Bread Nutrition

FAB is also keen to encourage people to eat more bread as part of a healthy, balanced diet so we communicate bread’s nutritional merits through a range of activities. Basically we aim to show the positive contribution bread makes to the UK diet.

FAB is part of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim) and is funded by UK flour millers.

Across all our various activities, we establish partnerships with authorities in the field and work with a wide range of experts to ensure our information is consistent, accurate and based on sound science.

The Grain Chain (www.grainchain.com) is our educational resource developed in conjunction with the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board and the Federation of Bakers.  It offers school children from key stages 1 – 4, a fun way to learn about the ‘field to fork’ cycle of how wheat is grown and used to produce breads and cereals plus advice on eating for health and vitality.  Developed with input from teachers, The Grain Chain (www.grainchain.com) offers visual, up-to date materials including activity sheets, games and quizzes which cover the key topics of arable farming, milling, baking, cooking and nutrition.

We also run various initiatives in support of bread in conjunction with the Federation of Bakers under the “Slice of Life” campaign banner.

If you have any queries or require further information email info@fabflour.co.uk or telephone 0207 493 2521.