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Choose from over 150 great recipes we have selected.

Teaching resources

Our sister organisation, GrainChain.com provides free educational resources for schools on food provenance, nutrition and cooking skills. Take a look at their revamped website here


The TRUTH about sugar in bread

Find out the truth about sugar in bread with dietitian Lucy Jones >>more


FAB Toast

Toast is having a moment – head over to our new page for some toast inspo today

Hot buttered toast

What's gone wrong?

Sometimes disaster strikes in the kitchen. Don’t worry. With this article you can avoid the most common issues.

We have put together a Q & A for some basic recipes so you learn from our mistakes. ;-)

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Do you like baking?

Have a look at some great cakes and bakes, or search for your favourite recipe.

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Are you a healthcare professional?

If you are a health care professional, you may find our fab nutrition section really helpful. It's a great overview with factual information written in easy to understand language.

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