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Does bread make you fat?

Should you give up bread if you want to look good? The facts>>

Georgia Kousoulou re-launches BREAD 9-CROPPED lo-res

Teaching resources

Our sister organisation, GrainChain.com provides free educational resources for schools on food provenance, nutrition and cooking skills. Take a look at their revamped website here


The TRUTH about sugar in bread

Find out the truth about sugar in bread with dietitian Lucy Jones >>more


What's gone wrong?

Sometimes disaster strikes in the kitchen. Don’t worry. With this article you can avoid the most common issues.

We have put together a Q & A for some basic recipes so you learn from our mistakes. ;-)

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Do you like baking?

Have a look at some great cakes and bakes, or search for your favourite recipe.

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Read up on great baking tips

Are you a healthcare professional?

If you are a health care professional, you may find our fab nutrition section really helpful. It's a great overview with factual information written in easy to understand language.

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