Reasons to love bread #8: Price

August 22nd, 2016 by

We are on a mission. To remind people of the health contributions bread makes to our diet. Bread has been stigmatised – said to cause everything from weight gain to bloating. People actively avoid bread because it is a source of carbohydrates or because it contains gluten.

What many people forget is, that far from being an unhealthy food product, bread provides an enormous variety and quantity of essential vitamins and minerals.

For example, bread provides more than 10% of the average adult’s intake of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and protein. And the more bread you eat, the larger the contribution!

The bread-bashers may try to steer you off course but we’ve come up with a definitive list 10 Reasons To Love Bread so can always, always reach for the bread basket with peace and joy.

Ten Reasons to Love Bread #8: Price

Bread is actually a health food, a super food even. It provides a wide range of vital vitamins and minerals. A far cry from an empty vehicle to just fill you up. It fills you up and helps you grow.

So how much are you paying out for this particular health food and how does it compare to other family staples? Below is a list of prices, per 100g, taken from during August 2016. We can see that regular bread really does represent money well spent!

Item Price per 100g
Bread 12p
Gluten-free bread 52p
Pasta 17p
Cheese 73p
Chicken breast 140p
Whole chicken 25p
Sausages 80p
Mince 120p
Quinoa 65p
Spelt noodles 104p
Almond flour 200p