Ruby Tandoh’s baking tips

measuring spoons
measuring spoons

In the March 2014 issue of BBC GoodFood magazine Ruby Tandoh shared some of her top baking tips to help you save time, money and frustration.

  • Toast nuts in the oven for about ten minutes before using them. This gives them a deeper flavour and saves you having to buy pricey liqueurs, oils or extracts;
  • soak inexpensive fruit in tea to plump them up and add flavour;
  • boil fruit peel in sugar syrup then coat in sugar for delicious homemade cake decorations;
  • Electronic scales are crucial – mechanical ones are often imprecise. Correct measurements will save you time and money as well as helping ensure that your bakes don’t fail;
  • For the same reason invest in some decent measuring spoons;
  • Finally, and crucially, buy a good jar of vanilla bean extract. It might seem expensive but it is far superior to synthetic versions and you will use less of it.

Thanks Ruby, let’s get cracking on some baking and see what improvements we can make. Check out our recipes pages here