This February, FAB Flour will be running the #FebFibreChallenge to encourage people to increase their fibre consumption and show that fibre-rich foods are not just brown and boring.

The government’s nutritional advisers say that we should all eat 30g of fibre a day to help protect ourselves from chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Yet official statistics show that fibre intake is far below this, and falling.  In order to achieve this target, men need to increase their fibre consumption by 50% and women by a staggering 75%.

This short video shows how important fibre is to good health and gives some delicious and tasty ways in which fibre can be enjoyed.

This February, take up the #FebFibreChallenge and give yourself the best chance of staying fit and healthy while discovering a whole range of delicious and nutritious high-fibre foods most of which you are already enjoying. Eating a fibre rich diet doesn’t mean missing out on your favourite food or being stuck eating dull, dreary dishes. Some of the nation’s top favourites like avocado on toast; jacket potato and baked beans; and the humble sandwich are high in fibre as well as being irresistible and utterly scrumptious.

A few simple swaps and additions can make all the difference, as the infographic below shows. Some high-fibre white breads contain as much fibre as wholemeal; and just two slices of seeded wholemeal toast can contain more than a third of you daily allowance. Avo on toast here we come …..




According to experts at the British Nutrition Foundation, the only way we can achieve the recommended fibre targets is if we base all our meals around starchy carbohydrates[1].

Which is why FAB Flour has designed four different challenges. Each week you are invited to make changes to one meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks; and see where you can make small, but potentially lasting changes to increase your and your family’s fibre intake.

There are a range of videos with recipes to help make super-smart swaps and high-fibre recipes such as fake-away chicken drumsticks with skin-on wedges and salad; and spicy bean burgers with health slaw. See our fibre recipe page for more inspo and info.

[1] BNF, 2016