Facts about flour

Love flourFlour is one of the most important ingredients in the UK and we use more flour than you might think. Below, you can find some interesting facts about wheat and flour. We also have facts on bread.

  • One whole grain of wheat makes over 20,000 particles of flour.
  • It takes around 350 ears of wheat to make enough flour for one 800g loaf of bread.
  • There are 31 flour milling companies operating 53 mills in the UK. Virtually all of these are nabim members: nabim is the representative organisation for the UK flour milling industry, www.nabim.org.uk.
  • UK flour millers use over 5 million tonnes of wheat each year to produce just over 4 million tonnes of flour (source: DEFRA/nabim). A further 1.5 million tonnes of wheat were milled in 2014/15 to produce flour for starch and biofuel production.
  • About 85% of flour in the UK is milled from wheat also grown in the UK. Home grown grains, blended with small amounts of imported wheat, and the unsurpassed skill and efficiency of our millers, means that Britain is consistently producing exceptional flours.
  • Breadmaking flour accounts for just over 60% of UK flour production.
  • UK flour consumption per person was about 61.5kg in 2015.